Tammy & Joie's Beautiful Tre Bella Wedding

Friend of the blog, Valerie, with Blue Hills Photo, sent over another lovely wedding to share with you lovely readers, held at Tre Bella, in Mesa, Arizona. Valerie describes this as Cinderella's Perfect Day, and it truly looks to be just that with a Cindarella white ballgown dress worn by Tammy, a white tree at the alter with white twinkling lights and floating candles, and other dreamy details. The accents of purple and red make everything pop, and is altogether truly a lovely wedding day for these two love birds.

Some notes from Valerie about  how Tammy & Joie came to be Mr. & Mrs.:
Tammy and her best friend, Taryn, were meeting up with some friends. Those friends invited some of their other friends as well. Who would have known that Joie would be in that group? The time after that was spent with Tammy and Joie always running into each other at different places because their groups of friends had intertwined. From there on out, their journey began.We went ring shopping and found the perfect engagement ring. Though the question was never officially asked, we knew they were destined to be with one another. Months went by and Joie still hadn’t popped the question. Every time they would go somewhere romantic, I would think, “This is it! This HAS to be it! He’s going to finally ask!” But, no… he did not. This went on for quite a while until I thought I was going to completely lose my mind. I decided to stop thinking about it altogether. Then, one weekend, we out on the Saguaro Lake for a cruise on the Desert Belle. Joie knew that I loved being around water and it had a calming effect. For a split second, I thought, “Maybe now he’ll ask. Maybe that’s why he brought me out here.” When the boat started to loop back, he reached slowly into his pocket and discreetly told me how he felt about spending the rest of his life with me. He then asked if I would marry him and I said yes.

As they got ready to share their few moments of alone time on their wedding day, I gushed with happiness when Joie turned to see his bride, Tammy. He was in absolute shock of his beaming bride. I don’t think he knew the power you experience on your wedding day when you realize you’re marrying the one.
Please enjoy Tammy & Joie's Perfect Tre Bella Wedding, beautifully captured by Blue Hills Photo:

Such a sweet wedding for a sweet couple! I adore the "first glance" session before the vows. Always love seeing the groom's expression, and Joie's reaction was so touching! Tammy's gown is gorgeous and perfect! I love the image of her against the backdrop with the Cinderella carriage and horses mural. It sets up the theme of her day perfectly. 

I love the venue, and love the very white decor details in the ceremony, with the splashes of red on the chairs, and flower petals down the aisle. The added purple touches work perfectly, and make for a stunning color palette during the reception. 

Many thanks again to Valerie for sending another lovely wedding our way! Love sharing local artists work, especially when they're friends! 

Photographer: Blue Hills Photo//Venue: Tre Bella//Cake Designer: AJ's Fine Foods//Floral Designer: Phoenix Flower Shops//Tuxes: Men's Warehouse