Registry Must Have: The Inspiralizer!

The Inspiralizer

Oh my goodness friends, have you heard of this amazing product called The Inspiralizer? It's an awesome tool to turn vegetables and fruit into noodles! If you're a bride to be, or anybody that reads this, and are looking for a way to get on track with healthier eating, by way of incorporating veggie noodles instead of pasta, this is for your eyes!

I first learned of this product in January, it had rave reviews all over the internet, and I immediately purchased it. At the beginning of the new year I made a vow, not really a resolution, to work on my health and fitness this year to get back to a healthier, fitter me. I also said I wanted to try 10 new vegetables this year, which inspired me to do more with veggies, and the Inspiralizer is the perfect tool to go beyond slicing and chopping up veggies. Not only can noodles be made, but also turning those noodles into "rice" for various dishes.

When I was researching to purchase this item, I learned of a blogger, whom has dedicated her blog, and life, to all things "inspiralized". Her name is Ali, and writes the blog She not only shares her inspiring recipes, she also has shared her personal journey on living a healthier life, and in fact is getting married next week! On her blog she also shares YouTube videos on how to spiralize the different vegetables, which are so helpful!

Suffice it to say, I was an instant fan, and after I saw a beet noodle recipe, and how to make noodles out of a beet, I went out and purchased my first beet, which I've never done anything ever! As soon as my spiralizer arrived, I went at spiralizing my beet!

I also began following "Inspiralized" on Facebook and Instagram. I've shared my creations on Instagram, and "hashtagged" with #inspiralized, which she's even responded to a few of my creations on my own, and even a recipe I took from her blog! Below are a few of my #inspiralized photos (I'm an amateur photog, so the displays are not as beautiful as Ali's skilled eye on her blog):

My life is forever changed due to this awesome utensil in my kitchen! I loved turning zucchini and crook neck squash into noodles (zoodles, squoodles) for "Pad Thai", which is the last image here, and even turned sweet potato noodles into "rice", second to last image, which is a direct recipe from the Inspiralized blog:  CHICKEN SAUSAGE AND PEPPERS WITH SWEET POTATO “DIRTY RICE”

Seriously friends, this is a must have, especially if you're a lover of veggies, and want to incorporate more vegetables into your life, especially if you're a to-be-wed couple! You can bless your new home with great, fun, healthy meals! Follow the blog, follow Ali on Instagram, peruse the recipes, and get yourself an Inspiralizer

Disclaimer: I am extremely passionate about healthy eating, and about the Inspiralizer, that I have just been added as an affiliate, which there are affiliate links throughout this post. I only promote, and am affiliated with, companies I believe in, which in turn helps this blog stay active and thriving. Any purchases made from clicking on the links, I will receive a small percentage. All opinions are 100% my own, and proof of this love is in the photos above, with more to come.