Show Your Stars & Stripes: 5 All-American Wedding Ideas

Americana Wedding Ideas

The 4th of July is next week, and I assume if you're having a star spangled wedding, your plans are in place, but if you're maybe having a a similar affair next year, we have 5 All-American Wedding ideas to present to you! Read on and let us know what you think! 

The most popular wedding themes are currently vintage glamour, rustic chic, classic romance and seaside celebration, according to Bridal Guide. But there are also plenty of brides and grooms opting for less traditional themes inspired by Harry Potter and favorite sports. Stand out from the crowd and make your big day a traditional all-American wedding with your own unique touch. 

Show off your patriotic side

Plan your wedding for July 4 and throw a patriotic bash worthy of fireworks. Your wedding theme can be fun and quirky or as classy as you want. To get started, choose red and white flowers and navy blue bridesmaid dresses and red boutineers to tie together the right color palette. Dress the reception tables with American flags and red linens along with an oversized bouquet of red roses and serve red velvet cake topped with an American flag. For further inspiration, check out this patriotic wedding on

To let loose, ask the DJ to bring red, white and blue strobe lights and play U.S.A.-inspired music. For a more classic look and feel, choose a venue with clean lines and bright open windows overlooking rolling hills and tie back crisp white linens with red silk cording. Pick jazz and classic American tunes to set the mood on the dance floor.

Host a backyard barbecue

There’s not much more American than a classic backyard barbecue. It’s simple enough to manage the menu with traditional with burgers, hot dogs and plenty of beer for guests so they can let loose and unleash their best 'Murican accents. You can also class up the experience by hiring a caterer specializing in traditional barbecue fare with a twist. Ask for sliders, rosemary-sprinkled fries, roasted corn, grilled catfish and colorful summer cocktails to help beat the heat. Don’t forget to add classic backyard games like horseshoes and badminton to strike up a friendly competition with both sides of the family.

Get revolutionary

Go back in time to the Revolutionary War and have your groomsmen don patriotic costumes fit for Paul Revere’s ride. Pick a venue in a Revolutionary War inspired historical home or choose a park with cannons and historical statues. Hire waiters and bartenders to stay in character and ask a trained reenactor to give a speech or put together a performance before the dancing starts. For a final touch, add some swords and lanterns to your decor to drive home the theme.

Have a Tinsletown wedding

America is renowned for its entertainment industry from silent movies to Hollywood blockbusters and Broadway classics. Pick your favorite movie whether it’s "Casablanca" or "Star Wars" and dress your venue for the part. "Star Wars" fans can recreate the cantina scene and pass out light sabers as wedding favors. Classic movie fans can look for pinstriped suits and fedoras and floral hats with netting for the ladies.

Recreate a classic Broadway show like Chicago for your wedding complete with backdrops and dresses to match the part. Ask the band to play Broadway music and take a few swing lessons to get into the spirit. Remember you can also embrace the magic of an American icon with a Disney-themed wedding complete with princess appearances, a magical carriage ride and photos with a castle backdrop.

Embrace the American outdoors

Harness the spirit of the great outdoors or the all-American road trip. Think back to your days at camp or in your family’s RV and choose a venue in a retreat inspired by the wilderness. Serve up classic cocktails like Hurricanes and Long Island iced teas and choose an era between the 1940s and 1960s to style your wedding party. Decorate tables with framed, outdoorsy postcards and mason jars filled with cocktails and bright fizzy sodas.