Recipe Corner: Zoodles & Squoodles Chicken Pad Thai

I'm bringing to you a healthy recipe/concoction, for those that are looking for ways to cut calories and carbs, whether or not you've got a big event coming up, like a wedding, or just because you are seeking healthy alternatives. As this is a blog for wedding planning couples, and I'm living a healthy lifestyle, shared with my husband of 6 years, I felt it ok to impart my love for cooking and healthy recipes with the masses. I'm also learning more and more, and I'm not an expert...just a foodie, whom loves to cook, healthy tasty meals! 

The name of this recipe might have you scratching your head, right? What are zoodles and squoodles? Well, they are noodles made from zucchini and squash, by way of slicing the noodles with my favorite kitchen tool, the spiralizer! When you run veg and fruit with the spiralizer you get spiral cut noodles or ribbons. I love this tool for helping me add more vegetables to my diet, while cutting down on carbs. I have to follow a gluten free diet to help my thyroid issues, and even gf pasta is high in carbs and sugars, so this is an ideal solution!

First things first: I LOVE THAI FOOD! It's so yummy to me, and I can't get enough. I love Pad Thai, and Yellow Curry. One night I really wanted some Pad Thai, and I had zucchini, yellow crooked neck squash, leftover rotisserie chicken, and items in my pantry that would result in a "pad thai" tasting sauce. Sometimes I find recipes, and then go to the store to purchase maybe a certain ingredient, knowing I might not use it for a while, but will down the road. Such an ingredient might be "fish sauce"...ick I know, but I've found it's key for Thai cooking. On this very day I perused a few recipes on Pinterest, and I don't actually have a full fledged recipe, but I did "follow" this recipe at Le Creme de la Crumb for the Pad Thai sauce, though measurements were not the same, and I eliminated ketchup and sugar. 

Ingredients I used: 
2 med. zucchini 
2 med. crooked neck squash 
1 cup store bought rotisserie chicken, chopped up
peanut butter (I used Smart Balance)
soy sauce
fish sauce (I used A Taste of Thai Fish Sauce)
1 garlic clove, pressed
fresh cilantro for garnish
coconut oil

My method:

First I spiralized the zucchini and squash into noodles, using the blade that yields skinny noodles. I heated my skillet with 1 tbsp of coconut oil, and added in the garlic, then the zoodles and squoodles. Once noodles were on the soft/al dente size, not too soft, I added in cut up rotisserie chicken pieces. 

Then I measured out the peanut butter, soy sauce, fish sauce and sriracha into a measuring cup. This part I don't have measurements for. In the recipe above she uses little peanut butter and soy, and a lot of fish sauce, I did kind of the opposite in measurements. I'm an eyeballer and taster, and I don't recall exact measurements. The sriracha in this mixture is up to your heat level, I did a good squirt, which was probably 1 tsp or so. I then whisked together all ingredients with small whisk and then poured into pan, covering chicken and noodles. Using tongs I began to turn noodles and chicken so that every piece of veg and chicken were covered in the yummy sauce. Once everything was nice and coated, I removed from the heat and put into a bowl, sprinkling chopped fresh cilantro and drizzled a bit of sriracha over the top. So delicious! My husband said it smelled like a Thai restaurant in the home! I am sure it's not close to Thai restaurant chefs, but for the home, and for the flavors to pop all over the zoodles and squoodles, I was elated! 

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