DIY Sweet Orange Sugar Coffee Scrub

Who says you need to drink coffee to wake up? You can scrub away your sleepiness, while also revitalizing your skin, with this simple Sweet Orange Sugar Coffee Scrub! I'm so in love with my newest scrub creation I whipped up this morning. It's full of invigorating scents of coffee and sweet orange, the sugar and coffee grounds scrub beautifully, and nourishes the skin with sweet almond oil and vitamin e!

This scrub would make the perfect gift for a bridal shower, or if you're having a "spa night in" for your bachelorette party, have stations for your gals to make scrubs to take home. So fun!

Ingredients Needed:
1 c. coffee grounds (fresh or brewed-I used brewed)
1/4 c. sugar (white or brown-I chose white)
3 vitamin e capsules, drained (drain capsule by pricking with a clothes pin)

Combine everything into a bowl and place into a jar with a tight sealing lid.

To use, step into the shower without the water running, using a wooden spoon, scoop out a spoonful at a time and scrub away! I recommend a spoon, as it keeps the scrub in the jar clean, but you can use your hand if you wish. Remember to BREATH IN the lovely aromas, too!

This is very messy....but you're in a shower, so it's an easy clean up. Don't forget to scrub your hands together, and also make sure to cover your pretty feet! Once you're all scrubbed up, turn on the water and rinse it all off. Make sure you get all the granules cleaned off of the floor. I like my detachable shower head, makes it super easy to clean up scrubs, etc.

How does your skin feel now? Mine feels amazing! It's great to do a scrub like this before shaving, and wowy! Silky smooth legs, hands, arms and feet! And your senses? Are they awake an alive? Let us know if you give this a try!