Chalkboard Sign DIY with Chalk Ink Pens!

I think many regular readers know I love chalkboards for weddings, birthdays and around the home. I'm kind of obsessed! I have a spice cabinet with tins of spices, and all spice labels painted in chalkboard paint, with spice names written in chalk. I have jars and canisters in my kitchen pantry with chalkboard labels, as well written in chalk. It looks cute and is quite functional!

So, it's not surprising that when the folks at Chalk Ink reached out to me to sample their pens, I was elated! I said of course, and soon enough these lovely pens in were in my mailbox! I received Bride's Set of Two in White and Pink.

I knew what I wanted to do, to display the pens' great ink and look on chalkboard surfaces. I planned to make a sign that could easily be displayed at a wedding, or even in the home. I made a stencil with my Silhouette Cameo, (because I cannot free hand draw to save my life!) applied it to a chalkboard sign I have, and then used the white Chalk Ink to paint the chalkboard.

Here are the supplies used:
White Chalk Ink Pen
Contact Paper to make stencil, can be purchased at Target/Walmart
Silhouette Cameo
Weeding Tool
Chalkboard Frame

Step 1:
I cut my contact paper stencil with my Silhouette Cameo. The design is my own. I then peeled the clear contact transfer from the paper, and applied it to the frame. 

Step 2:
I then started using the Chalk Ink pen where the exposed chalkboard was. 

Step 3:
I then had to peel off the bits of contact transfer that didn't come up off the initial sheet with my trusty weeding tool. Otherwise I risked smudging my freshly painted work. This tool is a must have when working with vinyl, transfer paper, etc. 

And there you have it! I love how this turned out, and how it is now displayed in my home! That's the great thing about making these for weddings, you can later take them home and display in your newlywed haven! I need more Chalk Ink colors to do a plethora of fun projects with now, including their metallic gold! Makes me think of fun New Year's decorations to have fun with! 

I hope you enjoyed how I used my Chalk Ink pens. Thanks to Chalk Ink for sending my way to use and share their beautiful uses! Might come up with more projects to share, just because this was so fun...stay tuned!!!