Advice: Live-Streaming Options for Your Wedding

You more than likely have friends and family that will not be able to attend your wedding, whether it's the distance to travel, or they are possibly sick, etc. Well here's a unique solution for your guests to be able to see what's happening at your wedding, live! This is brilliant! Read on for more info on this topic and enjoy! 

When your parents got married, if a beloved relative or dear friend couldn’t make it to the ceremony, they had to make do with looking at wedding photos. But now, thanks to technology, cherished guests who cannot attend your wedding can still see the ceremony and reception. Live-streaming is a great option for guests to virtually attend your big day. To make live-streaming part of your wedding, check out the following tips:

Choose a Live-Streaming Service

There are a variety of options for live-streaming your wedding. To determine which one is best for you, you need to have an idea of how many people will be attending your ceremony from a remote location. If you are going to stream your wedding to only one other device like a tablet or laptop computer, Skype is a terrific option. Skype is free for video calls that go from one device to another, or you can upgrade if you need to stream up to 10 computers. If some of your remote guests live close to each other, they can watch your wedding together so you can stream to more locations.

Ustream is another option for live-streaming your wedding. It has apps for both Android and iOS devices, which means you can set up your smartphone, tablet or laptop to stream the nuptial action. What sets Ustream apart is the ability for your remote guests to interact with each other through a live chat. This way, your BFF can tell your favorite Aunt how much she loves your dress and flowers.

Livestream has a free option that will stream your wedding video in high definition to iOS and Android devices. It will also record your precious video to the cloud where it will be saved for 30 days. This way, guests who could not make it at the last minute can also see your big day weeks later.

Get Your Technology Ready

To pull your live-streaming together, you need some specific types of technology. First and foremost, make sure your wedding venue has an Internet connection. Many churches live-stream their Sunday services, so it’s possible that they already have cameras and a dedicated Internet connection. If you are getting married at a hotel, chances are good it also has a high-speed Internet connection. Thanks to wireless cellphone connections, you can also live stream your ceremony held outside at a winery, park or beach.

You also need a laptop, tablet or smartphone that can capture your walk down the aisle. For example, the iPhone 6, is a terrific choice because it comes with a FaceTime HD Camera that takes 720p HD video over a Wi-Fi connection. If you're not using FaceTime, you can use its 1080p HD video recording option to capture the ceremony.

To make sure the video is not shaky, mount your smartphone or tablet to a tripod, and ask one of your guests to keep an eye on the set up. Put up a sign that lets your guests know you are live-streaming your wedding, so your virtual guests will see you and your groom and not your Uncle Joe’s back.

Will you be live streaming your wedding for your loved ones? If I had this option when I wed, I would've considered this option for sure! I have friends and family overseas, and to have them be apart of my day in such a way would've been the icing on the cake.