Bridal Beauty: The Man Maker - Total Body Workout

Brides, this workout might not have a very feminine name...but trust me, the "man maker" is a toughy! Just do 10 of them, and whew! What a workout for your whole body!

I am addicted to PopSugar Fitness, and the hostess, Anna Renderer, is adorable and energetic! She makes these exercises look easy, but she gets winded, too! I follow PopSugar Fitness on Facebook and am inspired by the workouts they are always sharing. If you are looking to tone up and/or slim down in time for your wedding day, give them a gander!

I do combine the man maker workout with a kettlebell work out that I follow, seen here, before completing the workout with some medicine ball core work. 

Will you be adding this to your workout regimen?