Advice: Tips for Planning an Affordable Wedding

Putting together the perfect wedding day does not come at a small cost. According to data reported by CNBC, the average cost of a wedding tops out at nearly $30,000. And the cost of a wedding also depends on where you live. Brides in New York City spend an average of $70,000 on their big day. If you’re looking for a few smart ways to cut your own wedding costs, consider these savvy money-saving tips.

Simplify & Cut Planning Time

The wedding experts from Real Simple suggest shortening your wedding planning timeline to save money. Alan Fields, co-author of “Bridal Bargains: Secrets to Throwing a Fantastic Wedding on a Realistic Budget” notes a last-minute planning trend among today’s brides. By shortening the time frame, brides have to streamline their wedding plans, which prevents the bills from racking up. Keep it simple and keep more money in the bank account.

Choose a Date in the Off Season

Peak wedding season is May through October. Opting to get married in the off season can actually save you money on your wedding, as many services like photographers and caterers offer more affordable rates during this time. In addition to planning your wedding outside of the traditional wedding season, consider having your wedding on a day other than Saturday. Although this may work best for guests, Saturday weddings will cost you the most.

Be considerate of guests who are traveling to attend, and avoid planning your wedding on holidays and long weekends, as it’s more expensive to fly on these days. Also think about how easy it is to get to your destination based on airport locations. Check out these other budget-friendly travel tips, and pass them along to your long-distance guests.

Borrow a Residence

Forgo renting out an expensive wedding venue for your big day. Instead, borrow a friend or family member’s residence or property for your celebration. With a few modifications, decorations and furniture rearrangements, a home can be transformed into a beautiful place for a ceremony or reception.

Keep It Casual

Bedazzled wedding gowns, elaborate wedding cakes, highly sought after wedding venues and catering put together by the best chef in your city can quickly run up the cost of your wedding. don’t underestimate the power of a more minimalist approach. A simple dress, a cake with minimal detail and a non-traditional venue can save tons of money. However, if there’s something you can’t picture your wedding day without, like a beautiful ballgown with a long train or diamond-encrusted veil, go for it. Just keep in mind, you might have to make budget sacrifices elsewhere.

Go Digital with Invitations

According to the experts from the blog, Woman Getting Married, the average couple will spend $443 on their wedding invitations, and some couples even pay more, over $1,000 in fact. If you’re a stationery nerd, there’s probably no way to convince you to opt out of paper wedding invitations, but consider that digital invites come at a low cost and some are even free. You can get started on a website like Wedvite, where you can create a free digital wedding invitation. However, if everyone on your guest list is not as tech savvy as you and your fiance, you may want to consider sending these special guests a traditional invite.