My Top Fit & Clean Foodie Influencers on Instagram!

Brides and Grooms, are you looking for some fitness inspiration to get lean and cut for your wedding day and beyond? Do you follow any "fitfluencers" on Instagram? If you are like me and inspired by amazing instagram influencers whom show off inspiring fitness movements, and clean eating foodies, hopefully you'll enjoy this piece! 

I love the various types of workouts these fitness gurus put out, and of course would love to rock the athleticism these people are sharing! I'm also a foodie, and have learned a lot of awesome recipes based on some of these amazing clean foodie peeps and products.

All of the fitness gurus that I mention here show things that can be done in the home, at a park, but not necessarily at a gym. I've even seen some do hotel room workouts, in case you're stuck traveling for work and the hotel gym is closed. Wish I had known these fitness trends when I was traveling for work! 

The foodie people, their Instagram accounts are filled with mouth watering eats that are nice on the frame, clean and paleo friendly, but oh so tasty, too! My fitness routines and what's in my pantry is so much better than I ever have experienced partly because I drink the knowledge that is out there to better my life and that of my family, and I have found most of it on Instagram!  

Also, to note, I'm not affiliated with any of these amazing people, I'm simply a fan following them and inspired by them! 

I hope this topic inspires some whom aren't in the know of whom to follow. Enjoy! 

I follow this guy, Michael Morelli, whom is phenomenal in the fitness world, and has his own program that I have particiated in, which also has an IG account: @hiitmax. He shares high intensity interval training workouts. Many follow his accounts, as he's kind of ground breaking. If you're looking to shed some lbs or make some gains in time for your wedding day, look into his programs! This guy started on the heavy side, then turned his life around, and he's sharing his successes, and many are following his lead and doing amazing things! 

This lady is gorgeous, is a mama, and shows her workouts in her living room, in her backyard, on her driveway, using the walls for some routines, she's phenomenal! And I think she lives in my state of AZ! I love it when she does workouts and her little toddler girl is right next to her "helping out"! She also offers some 30 day ab, leg/but challenges for a small fee. I purchased the "Sore to the Core" where she has ab workouts for 30 days, with some rest days included. They aren't easy, but they are totally doable! 

This lady is killing it, and I adore her sweet smile in her short little videos on exercises to do in the home. She does make it look easy, and when I go to try any number of her routines, I'm having a hard time, usually! Maybe if I smile like her it'll get easier! I love her workout attire, too. Makes me wish my closet was filled with her workout clothing and shoes.  

I learned about Anna from watching her workout videos via PopSugarFitness Facebook's page! I've done quite a few of her workouts, and love them! She's also doing them right along with us, and it's great to know she gets winded, too, despite how fit she is! She's super energetic, I'd love to take a class with her in person, if I could! 

This chick is awesome! I love her short videos on Instagram, and I also love her food ideas and meal prep plans. I have followed her a while, and everytime I see a workout routine she likely does in her apartment, I'm inspired. I'm also inspired by the food ideas she shares. After all, fitness is not just workouts, it's also the food you choose to nourish your body with. I'm considering doing her meal prep plan, as I've learned much that meal prepping is the way to go...I'm kind of a novice in this category, which is hard as I work/blog/parent at home all day. But, looking to book my Sundays with prepping meals for the week! 

If you're in the mood for some paleo inspiration, she's got it! She's a private chef, and I just love her feed. She posts awesome paleo friendly bites, and is a joy to read her commentary. She's hilarious! She also has a product out there called "Phat Fudge™". I have the product, and enjoy it before my bootcamp sessions, as it's real ingredient performance food. It's got everything you need in a little pouch to give you a great workout ahead...or if you have a really long day ahead where you're on your feet and moving and shaking. 

If you are looking to include some "bam" into your dishes, but with healthy, non-gmo, paleo friendly seasonings...this is your go to! I learned about FlavorGod last summer, and quickly gobbled up their seasoning combo, which offers "everything spice", "everything spicy", "garlic lovers" and "lemon and garlic". I then kept seeing what they put out and picked up "chipotle", "pizza", "taco tuesday", "zesty italian", and I JUST today ordered "bacon lovers"! I add the seasonings to eggs, sauces, salads, you name it! 

To sum up, they have the best ghee I've ever had. I use it all the time, from buttering toast, to using in dishes in place of butter. I stock up my pantry with it so that I don't run out. Their jars are big, and come to think of it I need to order soon! 

I love their "Just Mayo" which is dairy/soy/lactose free and kosher. I don't feel bad using it at all in my chicken/tuna salads, or anything that calls for mayo. It's nice and tasty on sandwiches, too! 

Others to list:

I could go on and on! Start following and learn who will inspire you the most to get you ready for your wedding, and your upcoming marriage! Start working out together with some of the moves the fit gurus are putting out, and get cooking in the kitchen together with the recipes and ingredients of these fantastic influencers! 

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