Styled Shoot: 100 Years of Wedding Dresses

I absolutely love this feature! Beautiful wedding fashion, showcasing 100 Years of Wedding Dresses! Such a great concept, and I'm delighted to share that here with you all. The submission comes from Alexandra Nyman, whom directed and styled this shoot. The stage is set at the historic Edgewater Hall in Staten Island, New York. Joining Alexandra for this shoot are Monkey Girlz Boutique, Noelle Kraft Photography, Shadow and Sound, ETG Clothing, Hey Viv, Looks by Lola, Bossina Couture, Chez Vous Catering, Overspray.

Read on to learn how this styled shoot came to be, as told by Alexandra:
100 Years of Wedding Dresses was inspired by the rich history of Edgewater Hall. When I first began working for Edgewater, I used to imagine all of the brides who walked through these doors to be wed over the past 140 years. Thus, I decided to blend together Edgewater Hall’s rich history with that of the history of wedding gowns to bring you 14 different wedding looks that are both traditional and nontraditional.

We partnered up with four different bridal and vintage boutiques, Monkey Girlz Boutique, Every Thing Goes Clothing, Hey Viv!, and Bossina Couture, all located on Staten Island in order to showcase some of the local shops and designers. We also partnered up with Noelle Kraft Photography, who is located in the Poconos, and local production company, Shadow and Sound. 

We were fortunate to have worked with a beautiful collection of wedding dresses that range in fashion and style from modern times all the way to the 1900s. With the shooting of each dress accentuating their uniqueness and individuality of their time one couldn’t help being pulled back in time as the array of dresses parade in front of the cameras. Although the dresses were per-say the “belles of the ball” much credit is to be extended to the locals in this shoot. To have had the opportunity of shooting this project at the Edgewater Hall was indeed The “ Piece de Resistance” for it gave the shoot that grand, historic ambiance of yester years it needed to be successful.

Now, won't you please enjoy 100 Years of Wedding Dresses! First, you must check out this amazing video, walking you through the eras, followed by the amazing photo shoot, capturing the beauty of these ladies and the dresses they got to wear!

Love it all! My favorite has to be the one image at the top of the article, whom is the 1976 bride.  I do love ending this series with the "selfie bride"...sums it up great! Would love to see this with the grooms, too, but let's face it...we love what brides before us have worn. Let us know which era you love the best in the comments below! 

Alexandra Newman, Chez Vous Catering,