Advice: The Most Useful Registry Gifts for Newlyweds

Are you looking to give or request truly useful gifts for your upcoming wedding? We have this great article that was sent over to us with extremely useful ideas, including home security packages! Never thought of that! Read on for the savvy details: 

It's inevitable: Wedding gifts can sometimes miss the mark and end up gathering dust in a closet. To prevent you and your new spouse from receiving gifts that will go by the wayside, make sure you register for gifts that you will actually use within your home. Ask yourself, "Is this gift one that will match my ever-evolving interior style?"

A major wedding-registry mistake is to register for trendy decor that will soon go out of style. If you need some interior decor or accessories, choose timeless styles and colors. Additionally, take a pragmatic approach and choose household items that will benefit you and your new spouse for many years to come.

Register for tools and accessories that will enhance your cooking, entertaining and overall home maintenance and management prowess. Here are some of the most useful and practical wedding gifts for your registry:

Cooking Up a Storm

Think about what purposes you will use your kitchen. What are some of the necessities for your baking and cooking needs? What kinds of food will you and your spouse primarily eat? There are some basic kitchen appliances on the market that will come in handy for your general and specific cooking and baking needs.

A KitchenAid stand mixer is a must-have, as it has many different functions that will assist your culinary endeavors. With an automated mixer, you can create specialty sweets, knead bread, produce homemade pasta, and make fresh batches of ice cream.

Another essential appliance is a food processor. Cuisinart's custom, 14-cup food processor will help you efficiently blend, shred and knead. This appliance is especially handy if you enjoy making sauces from scratch; it's perfect for aioli, mayonnaise, pesto, pasta sauce and more.
Think of what you and your spouse generally make at home, then choose your kitchen gifts based off that information. Some specialty items include salad spinners, waffle irons, cast iron pans, toasters, dutch ovens, slow cookers and blenders.

Keep Your Pad Safe

Keep your home safe, clean and efficient through gadgets and systems that will aid better home maintenance and management. Take into account the security system you would like for your house. It's important you are properly equipped with theft prevention and protection gadgets that will keep you safe.

Register for a set of security cameras from Lorex, which you can place around the exterior of your home and near entry points. The cameras can be accessed remotely through Wi-Fi, where you can monitor the safety status and video footage of your home from your computer, tablet or smartphone.
In addition, include the Nest learning thermostat on your registry, which will help you save on energy costs and create an efficient home heating and cooling system. The Nest system will learn what temperatures you desire within a week and build its schedule around yours. You can also control your Nest system when you are away from home through your smartphone. On average, the Nest system will save you 10 percent to 12 percent on heating bills and 15 percent on cooling bills.
For automated cleaning assistance, add a robotic vacuum cleaner to your registry. The Roomba vacuum robot will clean your floors on a schedule without any needed supervision or human operation.

Entertaining the Masses

Now that you have your own home, you will likely host more family gatherings, dinner parties and events, so it's important to carefully curate your dishware, glassware and dining accessories. Choose colors and patterns that have a timeless feel and won't go out of style. For example, rather than ornate, patterned china, opt for some high quality, neutral dishware. White dishware is classic and an ideal canvas for your culinary creations.

Don't go overboard with your glassware, either. Make sure you choose styles that suit your lifestyle, and be mindful of quantities. Choose simplistic, cylindrical water glasses and red-white hybrid wine glasses in quantities of 12 to 24. For martini glasses, coupes, beer glasses and mugs, list smaller quantities of six to 12.

For more personalized flourishes, include your favorite dining textiles on your registry. This is a dining accessory in which you can express your taste and follow the fleeting trends, as they are easy and inexpensive to replace. Choose napkins that boast a busy pattern or are an eye-catching hue, while also amping up the textile vibrancy of your placemats. Just make sure if you have a loud, patterned table-textile, pair it with a solid or neutral counterpart.

Great ideas!! I second the food processor mention! I have the 14-cup Cuisinart and I love it, though I got it for myself as a Christmas gift, but wish I had added to our registry. If I was to go back to my wedding registry, I'd reconsider a few things, like a Roomba, a Nest and security packages! I need the Roomba now with kid and dog....trying to figure how to make that one possible! 

Would you add any of these to your registry? Let us know in the comments below!