Advice: Wedding Registry Do’s and Dont’s

Are you kind of stuck on what to do or not do, when it comes to your wedding registry? We have some tips from FIX Blog, a blog of experts in various fields. They reached out to share some insight on Wedding Registry Etiquette and of course I'm sharing with you lovelies, including their helpful infographic! Enjoy!

How to Create a Wedding Registry that Best Suites Your and Your Partner

Getting married? Awesome: Welcome to a time of making lots of choices! From what to wear to who to invite andwhat you’ll serve, there are literally hundreds of decisions you’ll have to make before you say “I do.”

One of those necessary choices is your registry. It’s your chance to let people show their love for you and your partner by buying you something that you’ve picked out. Luckily, much like weddings have become a true reflection of the individual lives of the couple-to- be, so too are registries a personalized list. To make the most of yours, though, you need to consider a few things, including how you convey your registry.

Before you add items to a list, you should think about who you are and the life you want to lead—from travel to cooking to entertaining. And nearly every retailer has some sort of registry, meaning filling in the gaps on a registry is easier than ever. Want to get started making that registry the right way? Use this graphic to help.

Source: Blog