New Obsession: LuLaRoe! #LuLaRoe #howiroe

First and foremost...this post is not sponsored by nor affiliated with LuLaRoe....I simply love this company! 

So, literally 2 weeks ago, I got this invitation to join a LuLaRoe Facebook Party, and I was like "what is this company?" I hadn't heard of it, and I kind of was uninterested, to be honest. But, I popped onto the live party going on, and just kind of browsed and thought, OK, cute stuff. I didn't make a purchase, I just left and carried on with my day. 

Then I got another invitation. This time I took keen interest into what was going on. All anybody raved about were the "buttery soft" leggings, and the tops/dresses. I browsed the albums on the FB party, and thought the Randy T would be the perfect thing for me. Turns out it wasn't, but that's OK! It gave me the opportunity to go to my consultant's house and do a fitting to see what did work for me. It's a funny thing that normally large sizes fit me, but I happened to fit into a small and medium in some things. I'm glad I was able to trade in my Randy in exchange for something else and paid the difference for anything else I was interested in. 

Here is what I love from what I tried on: The Cassie, The Perfect-T, and the Leggings! I didn't try on the dresses, and some of the shirts I didn't jive with, maybe it was the patterns? I am working to lose weight, and when I'm at my goal I'll try those shirts again, like the Irma and the Classic T, even the Randy again! I did like the Azure skirt, and its many ways to style like, such as wearing as a dress, even making it a top and wearing with another skirt/leggings, etc. 

I ended up with One Size Fits All black leggings and a Small Navy Perfect-T (shown above). The leggings feel amazing, and I'd love them in every solid, and some of the patterns. The Perfect-T, I love the way it fits me, it's flattering for my short torso-a major plus! I'd love the perfect t in every solid, and would consider the patterns there as well.

I have my eyes on the Monroe and the Sarah for tops, and The Julia and Nicole for dresses. 

Oh, and the Cassie I tried on was coral with white polka dots-super cute! I have another party to attend tomorrow, we shall see if/what I grab! 

Just thought I'd share my personal experience with you lovelies! The dresses and skirts would be perfect for the engagement party and rehearsals, for brides and bridesmaids alike! 

Again, I'm in no way affiliated with LuLaRoe, I'm simply sharing my love of this new to me fashion outlet! If anyone from there is reading this and would send me items to review....I'd gladly accept in exchange for reviews! (wink, wink!) My email is if you feel so inclined to contact me. 

To get inspirations for how people are wearing their LuLaRoe items, check out #howiroe on Instagram! 

Photo Credit: LuLaRoe