Two New Options with AdvoCare + Fall Flavors!

Pumpkin Spice Meal Replacement Shake

Fall is here, yay! And for brides getting married at this time of year, there are temptations everywhere, amirte?!?! By now, everywhere you go it is "pumpkin spice" everything...pumpkin spice lattes, oreos, cheesecake, fudge, the list goes one! One can try their best to be healthy during this season of yumminess, but it can be super hard to not just indulge in the pumpkin-y goodness! More often, though, things are super high in sugar, unhealthy, and just not really the best for our bodies...though they taste great going down. And if you're trying to stay slim fitting into your wedding or bridesmaid gown, you might have to put up blockers!

Well, never fear lovers of pumpkin spice and lovers of healthy eating! AdvoCare to the rescue! They have just released 2 fall flavors: Pumpkin Spice Meal Replacement Shake and AdvoBar® Holiday Gingerbread! I just placed my order for those two, and I cannot wait to try and sample them! I'm sure they will cure my longings for that pumpkin spice latte! I also restocked of my V16™, which help me greatly just prior to my bootcamp workouts and 15-25k trainings. I'm also giving a try to the AdvoCare® CitriZinc™ vitamin chews, to help my daughter fight off icky germs! She had one heck of a year last year, with cold after cold after cold. My friends have raved how these vitamins have helped their kids fight off colds quicker!

Two New Options with AdvoCare:

AdvoCare has rolled out a Preferred Customer Program, that is $19.95 annually with no obligation! With this program comes a box of free samples of my favorite energy drink AdvoCare Spark® Energy, and an immediate 20% product discount on your orders after membership sign up, that can increase up to 30%! Trust me, that $19.95 spent annually to save 20+ % on ordering these items helps a ton! And there is no minimum amount needed to use the 20% discount. I'm a preferred customer to a skin care company and that minimum amount to reach my pc discount is hard to reach sometimes! This isn't like that.

If you're interested in the business side, they rolled out a new and improved distributor kit, at a lower rate of $59 +T&S! (Wish they had this rate when I signed up!) Their distributor kit comes with a box of flavor-sampling Starter Pack of Spark®, an AdvoCare-branded blender bottle,  a flavor-sampling Starter Pack of AdvoCare Rehydrate®, a flavor-sampling Starter Pack of Meal Replacement Shakes, plus materials, and yes, the 20% discount on your orders after purchasing the kit! Seriously, when I signed up, I got 3 boxes of Spark and that was it, so this is a great deal indeed! I only got the blender bottle when I did the 24 Day Challenge when it was offered at that time!

So, AdvoCare is there to help you stave off unhealthy cravings with their yummy meal replacement shakes, Spark® energy drinks, and to boot help save you money as you continue to place orders and/or decided to dive in on a very great business opportunity that is one of the cheapest I've seen out there, which means very little risk to you! Brides and Grooms to be, share this with your loved one and sign up together! You'll enter your marriage on a healthy note, full of energy and could possibly even start a new income path for your newlywed haven! 

Disclaimer: I am an Independent Advocare Distributor. I'm passionate for AdvoCare and these supplements. I have tried and retried many and I have nothing but great things to say about them! I'm sharing with those that might not know about this company and are looking to try supplements to help them on their path to better living. I still work out very hard and try my best to eat clean, healthy and organically. I would never share items I have never tried before. If you click on the links mentioned above I get a small percentage of the sale. While I try to help add income to my family of 3, I also am helping to share people that you can give an extra push to your workouts by keeping up energy.