Bridal Beauty: Amazing makeup tips for the bridal makeup

Bridal Beauty: Amazing makeup tips for the bridal makeup

We have some great makeup tips to share with you today, from beauty blogger Kaylee at! I always love good makeup tips, and I hope you will find these tips helpful, especially if you're headed down the aisle as a bride or bridesmaid.

Check out what Kaylee has to share and take some notes!

It’s the most important day of your life. Every bride is the show stopper of her wedding. No one has the right to look better than her. Your nervous self is concealed under the perfect make-up that transforms you into a breathtaking diva. All your trails and makeup tests will be put to practice today. From granny’s face packs to dermal therapies, you’ve tried it all. Your skin is glowing and you are ready to step into your wedding dress.

Follow these simple rules and get your bridal makeup right

Do not experiment on the D-day


Today is the day of achieving perfection. There is no room for trails and trendy looks. Stick to the basic rules of make and go for a classic look. Moisturize your skin to get a hydrated base. Your foundation should complement your skin tone. If you have sensitive skin, shortlist the foundation that does not cause irritation. The color of the concealer, foundation, lipstick and blushes should be well co-ordinated. They should go well with your skin tone and bridal attire. Also, start preparing your skin one month in advance. Eat fresh fruits and veggies to keep your skin hydrated.

Use golden shades:


Golden shades translate better with photo shoots and videographers. They brighten up the face and do not look over-the-top. After applying the foundation, use a bronzing powder. You can go in for a golden toned concealer. Use a natural bristle brush. Apply upward strokes of bronze and golden powder to your cheekbones, chin, forehead, and bridge of your nose. Dust some gold over the shoulders and neck. You will naturally glow in the sunlight. No extra use of bright colors. For sensitive skin choose the right concealer. Check the package for hypo allergies and sensitivity. Apply the foundation with a brush or a sponge.



Contour your cheeks and chin with the correct shade of highlighter and blush. Apply some cream blush and layer it with powder blush. This will allow your makeup to stay. Make sure these layers do not look cakey and overdone. And smile! Well, not just because it’s your happiest day, but also coz it will pop out your cheek bones. Apply light pink shades of blush. Add some sheer for the glow effect. Remember to blend your blushes well.

Eyeshadow, pencils, and liners


Nice shades of eye makeup with perfect eye pencils will accentuate your eyes perfectly. Use darker shades on the outer edges of the eyes and blend them with lighter shades on the inside. Fill your brows with eye pencil lighter than your natural brow shade. Use a cake liner (preferably) for the final finishing touch. Fill in the edges of the lashes for a thick and deeper look. The cake is dry and lasts for a long time. Apply shimmer on the inner corner of your lids. They will make your eyes look bright and beautiful. The photographs will come out stunning. Curl your lashes or use false ones for the captivating look.

Luscious lipsticks

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The perfect makeup is the one where the lipstick is perfect. You can make your man drool on his knees by wearing the most scintillating shades. For a wedding, my pick is RED. The powerful color speaks volumes about the lady adorning it. You can take your pick as per your skin tone, attire shade, and personal preference. For applying lipsticks, the same rule applies. Moisturize the lips, dab some foundation that is preferably hypoallergenic and then outline your lips with a pencil shade. Use a brush to apply the lipstick generously. This makes the lipstick stay on longer. The lipstick must be non-smudgy and waterproof. It has to survive the battle of kissing and socializing all day and still look perfect. Blot up the red lipstick to remove the excess.

Some quick handy tips:

- Waterproof makeup is a must
- Do some prep before the D-Day. Checklist-Foundation, concealer, lipstick and eye shades.
- Use a good quality face primer
- Refrain from experimenting
- Apply make up a little more than usual. It is essential for facing the cameras. Do not make it cakey and overdone.
- Prepare your skin in advance with great diet, exercise, and care
- Wear that beautiful smile that radiates from within


Our thanks to Kaylee at for sharing your tips with our readers!