DIY: Wood Round Pumpkins Step by Step Tutorial

DIY wood round pumpkins

Hi friends! It's been a really long time since I last shared a DIY, so I felt it time for one for you! I created these Wood Round Pumpkins and they are so cute! Would be perfect for fall themed weddings to have scattered about the place! You could use them as table numbers, using chalk or chalk ink to write on them! How cute!! When the wedding is done, keep them, and you have instant fall decor for your newlywed home! 

I was inspired to make these wood round pumpkins, after I saw a company that made them and sold them for $20 a piece! I mean they were cute, but not THAT cute to pay $60 for three! Like, really?! I told my friend that I wanted to make these myself, and the next day she texted me that Target had the wood rounds but with chalkboard faces. Now everyone knows I love chalkboard everything, but I wanted the bare wood. Today I went to Target for things, and I wondered about the aisle that has "scrapbooking" stuff. Low and behold the unfinished wood rounds were there! So, there began my project as soon as I got home, with my 4 year old excitedly witnessing my creation! Hope you enjoy the tutorial!


Unfinished Wood Rounds
Orange Acrylic Paint
A vessel to hold some of the paint in
Sponge Brush
Washi Tape or Painters Tape
Hot Glue Gun
Stem pieces: driftwood, thick branch bits

Let's begin! 

Step 1:

Start wrapping your tape around the edges so that all you have is the lightest wood showing through. I chose washi tape as I couldn't find painters tape. 

Step 2:

I dabbed my sponge brush into the paint and began brushing in a downwards motion starting from the top down. It went on smoothly! I didn't like that dark patch, so I later covered that with the "stem". I did two coats of paint to help make it vibrant, you could do more, but I felt 2 were enough. I made sure you couldn't see where the sponge had been, which makes it nice to go over everything again to get it to blend together. 

Step 3:

After I completed all three, I put them on a table in my courtyard to air dry. It's still warm here in the AZ so it went quickly. 

Step 4:

I pealed off the washi tape and loved!! A tiny bit of paint seeped under the tape...I'm ok with it. It gives it charm, right?! 

Step 5:

Busted out the Hot Glue Gun to adhere my drift wood pieces to the rounds to look as stems. Et voila! Simple project that is easy to create in about an hour with drying time. 

I hope you enjoyed this simple, easy to create tutorial!