Advice: 3 Low Pressure Tactics to Ensure You Get the Engagement Ring of Your Dreams

Although there are a few exceptions, most women admit sensing an impending engagement. Whether it's the conversations a couple shared about future marriage plans, or just a sneaking suspicion, most women know when a proposal is on the horizon. If you think your beau might be popping the question soon, you may have a say in the type of engagement ring he chooses. Use these tips to help
guide him towards the ring of your dreams.

1. Send in Reinforcements

Get a friend or family member you trust to go ring shopping with him. This person should know exactly which ring you want, either by having seen a picture of it or having been to the jewelry store with you in person. This person will be able to guide him to your preferred style if he asks for help, and he'll likely appreciate the help. With all the factors to consider when selecting the perfect engagement ring including diamond qualities, cuts, setting styles and prices, he will probably encourage a second opinion.

2. Show Him (in a Non-Threatening Way)

Next time you shop or are nearby your local jeweler, pop in and show him what you like. Remind him sweetly that you love where your future is headed with him, and you just want him to know what type of ring you'd like to wear some day when you share his name. This gesture will reinforce your feelings towards him and make him feel confident in the relationship. Plus, what guy doesn't love a woman who knows what she wants? Make your gesture sincere and non-threatening, and avoid pressing the subject by talking about timelines, wedding plans, etc. Just say enough to plant the seed and leave knowing that he's sing the ring you adore.

3. Go Virtual

The Vow Engagement Ring App for Android is a perfect way to show your guy what ring you want without being pushy. This free app allows the user to look at different ring across a variety of jewelers and custom designs with the jewelers who offer that option—it even offers a feature where you can virtually model the rings on your hand! Guys love technology, so just casually show him your latest app and what it does.
Browse a few rings with him, telling him you were just playing around to see if you could find your dream ring out there. That way, he won't feel like he's being forced into anything. Then, land on your perfect ring choice and tell him that one is the one you love most. Show him your ring size in the app interface and tell him where it can be purchased. He might not be ready to go buy the ring tomorrow, but when he is ready, he'll know what you like.