Bridal Beauty: Winged Eyeliner Stencil

beth bender beauty eyeliner stencil

Hi guys! Have you suffered from getting the perfect winged eyeliner look, like me? My whole life, I just couldn't get it, and so badly wanted to get it down. I see all these great beauties whom have flawless winged eyes, and every time I tried it was horrible...until now! I discovered this beauty company called, and one of their products helps get that winged look with an easy eyeliner stencil!

adhesive eyeliner stencil

Before I continue, I'm not an affiliate with them...I purchased my items, and I just love the helpful little tool to help me create bold dramatic eyes for nights out on the town, and date nights with my husband. This is perfect for brides to pack into their honeymoon toiletries, to make those honeymoon days and nights a little more dramatic for your husband or wife's viewing pleasure! I am taking these with me when we go on our 8th wedding anniversary trip this April! I really wanted to share how they worked out for me with you lovely readers!

I'm rather shy in sharing my personal photos of me, but I did snap pics of my journey to share this is a real product I tried, and the end result I'm very happy with, and my husband loves it. I'm also posting a video tutorial from the company to share with you.

Before I begin, I did see a youtuber that mentioned don't do eye shadows prior to placing these stencils on the eyes, do it after. Balancing the winged look and eye shadow might take extra precision so shadow doesn't cover the eyeliner-but that's not a big deal to me. I can even see me doing this without eye shadow, putting on a cute hat and my new look is ready to go!

Here's the steps (please don't mind my closet, it's my only space to do this!):

Apply stencil to your eye lid, just above the eye line-watch out for your lashes!

Fill in the space with your eye liner. I purchased the Eyestyler Eyeliner Pen. It worked amazingly!
Just filled in the area in clean strokes and kept applying till I felt complete. 

Looking fierce here - LOL! "Ready for my close up, Mr. Demille!"

Gently remove the stencil, don't rush it. The adhesive didn't bother me, it's really light,
much lighter than say masking tape. 

And boom! My eyes are done! Pa-pow! Never had success like this - ever! 

My tip might be a little high there is work to be done, but there's the wing! 

Finished look! I continued with eye shadow and a little lipstick.
So, will you be trying these? I want to try the cat eye one and the smokey eye, as yup...I don't always get my smokey eye just right. My eyes are a great feature, and I love to make them pop as best as I can. If there are tools, instead of classes where I feel awkward, I'm down. I can't have a makeup artist on the ready to help me, so this is the next best thing.

I do want to do eyelash extensions, and I do have the 3-d Fiber Wands...I don't like the fiber part of it. I stink at putting on false lashes, too! Why am I so bad at these things? LOL! So, if anyone has suggestions on eyelash extensions, please advise!

Thanks, beauties!

Here's the video tutorial: