Advice: Putting Together the Perfect Wedding Welcome Bags

Are you planning on passing out welcome bags to your future wedding guests? I really loved doing this for my out of town visitors! Since I live in Arizona, I provided water, sunscreen, chocolates from a local chocolate shop, and snacks for my guests to nibble on during the wedding weekend. For my bestie's wedding, I did the gift bags for her guests, too, and supplied mini hot sauce bottles, local made taffy, and other little bits. It's really fun, and the guests really appreciate it!

Check out these helpful tips that were sent over to us to share with you beauties! What's going into your welcome gift bags? Please share in the comments! 

It’s your wedding day! The invites are out, the color scheme decided, the bridesmaids and groomsmen assembled. You’ve ordered the flowers, subdued your mother-in-law and tackled the seating plan, and now it’s time for the fun part – wedding gift bags!

Whether you are welcoming guests from out of town, setting the tone for your celebrations, or kicking off the party mood, wedding welcome bags are a delightful way to greet your friends and family. So, how do you go about assembling the perfect assortment of gifts and treats to make your loved ones feel as good as you do on your big day?

We’ve put together a list of fabulous ideas to inspire and excite you and to help you create a collection of goodies guaranteed to fill your guests with warm and fuzzy feelings.

The Bag

Let’s start with the bag itself. The presentation is everything, and packaging your gifts in something useful and re-usable is a great way to contain your goodies. Canvas tote bags are a fantastic way to do this – they’re inexpensive, they’re versatile, and they can even be customized for that charming, personal touch that’ll send your guests away with a smile. The best thing is this is a lasting gift your guests can make use of even after the main event if only to carry home the rest of their treats!


Who among us doesn’t love a sweet treat? Chocolates and/or candies are a classic wedding bag filler, and they can be made unique and special by opting for something handmade or locally produced. The best thing about including candies is that, with the wide variety of choice out there, it’s super easy to find something you can tie into a theme.

Base your choice around your location, your color scheme, or anything else you fancy! It’s a great way to add a little personal touch, and it makes for a memorable and charming addition to your wedding welcome bags.

Salty Snacks

Believe it or not, not everyone has a sweet tooth. For those who aren’t crazy about candies, it’s a good idea to include something savory to nibble on. This could be nuts, crackers, or chips, but our personal preference would be popcorn! It’s light, it’s healthy(ish), and, as a current favorite in the snacking world, there is a whole range of innovative and exciting flavors to choose from. It’s trendy, tasty, and, best of all, it’s a great way of bulking out the contents of your wedding bag without bulking up the price!

Water Bottles

It’s time to wash down all those snacks! A water bottle makes for a creative and useful addition to your wedding gift bag that your guests can use throughout the day and take away with them afterward. With a personalized message, you can create a lasting memento that’s not only practical but also unique.

Consider customizing water bottles to be stylish and useful. Pick out a design or message that best reflects you and your other half for a wedding favor that’s all about your big day. Colorful and practical, these water bottles make for an attractive keepsake that your guests can use again and again!

Local Produce and Souvenirs

What better way to welcome out of town guests to the area than with some locally produced goodies? Things like condiments, preserves, honey, or oils add a classy and homely touch to any wedding gift bag. Look up the local sports teams, points of interest, and sites of natural beauty for inspiration – think postcards, magnets, and trinkets to add personality to your wedding bags and tip a nod to your location.


What’s a wedding if not a big party? Help your guest enter into the “spirit” of things with a little tipple. This is another one that can be easily tailored to suit your wedding or location. Why not check out the local brewery for artisan beers to help kick off the festivities?

Just remember to consider your guests carefully, on this one; it may be better to omit this particular gift for some individuals!


Thinking ahead to the next day detox, fresh fruit is a classy and pleasingly “earthy” addition to your wedding bags. This can effortlessly add fragrance and color to your assortment of gifts, and it can be tied in with your location and the time of year. A top tip for this one is to think seasonal, as these fruits will be the least expensive and the best quality, and will tie in nicely with the overall feel of the day.

Just remember to choose firmer fruits that won’t go mushy in the bag or expire quickly (yes to apples and citrus fruits, a big fat no to bananas and strawberries).

Hangover Cure

Just in case the antioxidants from the fruit don’t quite do the trick, a little bundle of hangover cures will certainly be welcomed by those who like to overindulge on special occasions. Add a touch of humor with a first-aid style packet, which could include aspirin, water, coffee, herbal teas, or whatever you’ve found to work best in the past!

Handmade Soap/Candles

Prepare to pamper your guests with something handmade and luxurious. Artisan soaps and aromatherapy candles make for a lovely and indulgent treat, and will leave your wedding bags (and your guests) smelling beautiful!

Itinerary/Local Information

It’s a great idea to include the itinerary for your day in your welcome wedding bag, so you can keep everyone organized and make sure everything goes off without a hitch. A nice little extra is to include information about the local area if you have out of town guests or if your wedding itself is out of town.

A few pages detailing local points of interest will certainly be appreciated by anyone who doesn’t know the area that well, as people are likely to be in town for the few days surrounding the main event and will probably find this information very useful.

Include a Thank-you Card

Remember to include a thank you card from you and your beloved! Something short and sweet to show your gratitude and give your guests the warm fuzzies – after all, where would we be without our loved ones? Friends and family are what make these special occasions special, so show them how much you appreciate their being there to celebrate with you and your significant other.

Will you be adding the mentioned items above into your welcome gift bags? Anything not mentioned you'll be adding? Let us know in comments below!