Advice: A #GirlBoss Guide to Wedding Planning

Any Girl Bosses out there planning their own weddings? Well if you are raising your hand, you're in for some tips and advice with today's guest post, submitted to us by Quinn at Gourmet Wedding Gifts! We love the advise shared with us, and we hope you will love it too! Share your feedback in the comments section, I'll reply there, too! 

Take it away, Quinn!


Who runs the world? GIRLS! This wedding planning guide is for the #GirlBoss doing it all! You’re building an empire and juggling an already busy schedule while planning the wedding of your dreams.

A #GirlBoss grabs life by the horns and won't let anything get in the way of her dreams. She takes charge in work and in life, knows her self worth and won't settle for anything less. Admittedly, she doesn't need a man but when she does finally find her match, it's fireworks!

A #GirlBoss is not intimidated by wedding planning, in fact she welcomes the challenge... but she's not completely immune to the stress that comes along with it.

Our #GirlBoss Guide to Wedding Planning includes 10 tips to help you keep up the hustle while creating the wedding of your dreams ... you’ve got this girl!

TIP #1: Get a Second Planner for Wedding Planning

The fact remains that a #GirlBoss schedule is hectic. Every successful #GirlBoss has a planner and every successful #BossBride has two planners. Separate your professional life from your wedding life by getting a second planner dedicated to your wedding planning tasks, appointments, calls, etc.. This will help you tackle it all without feeling completely overwhelmed – Divide and conquer!

TIP #2: Don't Be Afraid to Ask For Help

A #GirlBoss is used to being independent, but wedding planning doesn't have to fall entirely on your shoulders! The most important word in wedding planning is DELEGATE. When it comes to delegating tasks think of the three F's:

1. Family
2. Friends (especially your Bridal Party)
3. Fiancé

All of these people actually want to help you, so let them! Not only will this relieve your stress, but it’ll make wedding planning more fun for you and those you love.


TIP #3: Utilize Apps

Wedding apps are a LIFESAVER for #BossBrides. Plan on the go and stay organized with some of our favorite apps below:
1. Mint: For budget conscious brides.

2. Appy Couple: For coordinating your guest list with your guests through your very own app!

3. Wedding Planning by Wedding Wire: A one stop destination for all your wedding planning needs!

TIP #4: Schedule, Schedule, Schedule

Set aside specific time blocks each week dedicated to wedding planning and stick to these appointments like you would any other meeting!

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TIP #5: Take Time Off

A #GirlBoss guide to wedding planning and we’re telling you to *gasp* not plan?! We know how tough it can be for a #GirlBoss to stay idle but we also know that when you're constantly on the go, you’ll eventually hit burnout.

Every couple of weeks, take time to relax, have fun, gossip with girlfriends, read your favorite book, spend quality time with your fiance (free of wedding talk) or take some time for a little self-care by hopping into a bubble bath – because after a long day at the office you deserve to treat yo' self. “The most essential factor for total decompression? Silence. Leave your phone in the other room. Tune out the noisiness of the world. Breath” – 10 Steps To Your Most Heavenly Bubble Bath

TIP #6: Skip the DIY

DIY projects are a great way to add a personal touch to your wedding at an affordable cost, but it’s not always the most practical choice for #GirlBoss. A DIY wedding is extremely time consuming, and as a #GirlBoss you just don't have the time to DIY every detail. Chose a couple of projects you really want to DIY and delegate what's left to the professionals.

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TIP #7: Show Some Tough Love

You didn't get to where you are by being nice all the time. Don't be afraid to give your friends and family a little tough love if they're being overbearing or nagging you about wedding details. You don't need any extra stress when it comes to the wedding planning process! 

TIP #8: Pick Up The Phone – Often 

It seems as a society we have become adverse to picking up the phone or calling each other directly, instead exchanging emails or messages back and forth. A #GirlBoss doesn’t have time to waste on long email threads for simple concerns. She’s taking calls and making calls because she know’s she can settle a lot more details in a shorter amount of time. Save hours of frustration and get the answers you need with a call – and get over the fear of picking up unknown numbers. You’ll find a new found freedom in your ability to take care of business and an art in swiftly saying “no thank you, goodbye” when the situations calls for it.

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TIP #9: If All Else Fails – Hire a Wedding Planner

Wedding planning is a personal experience that many brides want to take on fully, but many times it can cause more stress than it's worth. If your sanity is being compromised, remember that you have choices! Letting someone else take over the remaining details doesn't mean relinquishing total control, it just means that you have more time to enjoy being a bride-to-be!

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TIP #10: Remind Yourself You’re a Kickass #GirlBoss!

It can be difficult to feel empowered when you feel like you're in over your head. Don’t let the stress of wedding planning get to you! Remind yourself that managing an upcoming wedding and a career is hard work. For a literal reminder, add some #girlboss gear to your life. You deserve a roaring round of applause because you ARE superwoman and you're going to kickass girlfriend!

Wedding planning is tough for everybody, but especially tough for the bride busy chasing her dreams. Don’t let the stress of wedding planning discourage you from having an amazing wedding day! If you follow our ten simple tips you can plan the wedding of your dreams and still be an inspirational #GirlBoss!


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