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Belief Wedding Planners Belief Awards 6th Edition 2017

Hello and Happy Saturday! I was so thrilled when a representative from the Belief Wedding Planners reached out to me to share the Belief Awards 6th Edition winners from around the globe! Not only that, I have the pleasure to share three of these winners' weddings with you, and they are gorgeous! I will have those featured shortly, so stay tuned for that! (Subscribe here to not miss out!)

First, here are some details about the awards, and the winners: 

The 6th edition of the international online contest selects the best wedding planners in the world...

Belief Wedding Planners unveiled the results of Belief Awards, an international online contest for wedding planners that brings out the best of worldwide weddings and shows trends, traditions, and curiosities.

Belief Awards happens three times a year and it honors the very best weddings around the globe produced by top wedding planners. On this edition, thousands of submissions from talented professionals were analyzed and whittled them down to 11 award winners.

“On 6th edition, the entries were diverse and inspiring. The biggest success was the People's Choice Awards, a new category that celebrates and engage the local community and the wedding planner. It was amazing seeing people from all around the world voting. I can not be prouder of all nominees and happy about the results”, says Giovana Duailibe, executive director of Belief.

New category: People’s Choice

On the 6th edition, besides the Wedding Concept and Special Photo categories, Belief Awards also had the People’s Choice category, which was open for public voting and awarded a destination wedding and a cultural wedding.

Meet the winners by continent

Wedding planners from all over the world submitted their projects. The winners are:


  • Guatemala
Pilu Delgado: the wedding won the Special Photo category. It happened in the Green Rush, a natural reserve inside the City of Guatemala, in Guatemala, which is a place where the couple goes frequently. The photo was taken during the ceremony vows.

Pilu Delgado Guatemala Wedding Planner Belief Awards 6th Edition

Lesly Sandoval: this wedding, winner of the Wedding Concept category, had a rustic-vintage- romantic concept. According to the wedding planner Lesly Sandoval, the couple wanted to incorporate a little bit of nature and take advantage of every aspect of the venue. They also wanted to have some romantic details that reminded them of Paris, the place where they got engaged.
  • Mexico
Guadalupe Alvarez: the Mexican wedding planner had two weddings awarded on this edition. The winning wedding of the Special Photo category was from a couple that lives in the US but decided to get married in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. “The bride and the groom wanted to dance under the stars and one of the symbols of San Miguel are the tin stars. So, we decided to hang them over the dance and pool area, we also added twinkle lights to finish the very romantic mood. On the moment that this photo was taken, the couple was taking a romantic instant alone to enjoy each other”, tells Guadalupe.

The winner of People’s Choice category – Cultural Wedding was an American + Persian wedding in Mexico. “The groom, David, is American, and the bride, Nassem, has Persian heritage in her family. In Persian weddings, the Sofreh Aghd, is the most important piece of decor. It has elements that are very important in Persian culture and we have them all in the picture”, explains Guadalupe.
  • Panama:
Judy Amado Mendez: at this wedding, the couple decided to get married at their aunt’s house. According to the wedding planner Judy Amado, it was conceived as a celebration where the bride wanted everyone to feel at home and with the flavor of the weddings held many decades ago in homes in Panama. This wedding won the People’s Choice category – Destination Wedding.
  • Puerto Rico:
Rosalina Torres: Melanie Modesti and John Dziuba got married in Royal Isabela, a resort located in Isabela, a region in Puerto Rico northwest coast. “The couple chose this beautiful venue because it is set on the cliffs overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and offers a rare opportunity to live and play golf in an epic Caribbean location”, tells Rosalina Torres, the wedding planner in charge. The wedding was planned in only two months and it won the Wedding Concept category.
  • United States:
Sarah Day: at this wedding, winner of the Wedding Concept category, the couple lives in Ohio but they fell in love with historic Savannah Georgia and knew that is where they wanted to have a true southern wedding. So, together with the wedding planner Sarah Day, they planned a destination wedding for over 125 guests all from other areas of the country.

Sarah Day Georgia United States Wedding Planner Belief Awards 6th Edition The Happy Bloom


  • Thailand:
Jeanette Skelton: the wedding planner had a wedding awarded in two categories – Wedding Concept and Special Photo. The couple chose Phuket a small intimate destination wedding. The moment of the Special Photo was the end of the first dance. “The fireworks were timed perfectly to go off as they finished their first dance and kissed”, says Jeanette.


  • Italy:
Alessandra Marchetti: a couple of Dutch wedding videographers decided to get married in Tuscany, in the province of Siena and Alessandra Marchetti was chosen as their wedding planner. Since the couple was young and romantic, the wedding concept maintained a sober style, following the greenery trend.

Stefania Zen: the couple Kim and Lloyd Killmore, lives in London, and they decided to get married in Badia di Orvieto, in Orvieto – Italy. “They wanted to have a rich and detailed decoration that had to match a historical and important venue. The effect had to be vintage but elegant”, says Stefania. The seated dinner was organized under an open air deconsecrated church, with a long top table and vintage fairy lights. It won the Wedding Concept category.

Valentina Lombardi: at this wedding, winner of the Wedding Concept category, the couple planned a reception in a romantic restaurant by the shore and they made the day so easy and fun. “They were literally in love with the country and this is the reason why they chose Lake Orta for their special event”, Valentina tells. As the groom, Tom, is Scottish, he wore the traditional kilt. At the end of the dinner, there was a surprise: a delicious wedding cake made of local Italian cheeses with fresh fruits that everybody loved.
  • Portugal:
Viktoriia Ignateva: this wedding happened in Palácio de Bussaco, Luso, Portugal, and it won the Special Photo category of Belief Awards. The winning image was taken after the ceremony. “The groom was so happy that he decided to turn with the bride in his lap!”, says Viktoriia Ignateva.

Viktoriia Ignateva Portugal Wedding Planner Belief Awards 6th Edition Vema Photography


The entries for the categories Wedding Concept and Special Photo from Belief Awards were judged by a special panel: Paola Pizzo, from Sposi Magazine (Italy), and Thaisa Dalmut, the editor from Mariée Magazine (Brazil). They received all images without any kind of logo or name, so they had all entries as a blank canvas to judge.


Based in New York City, Belief Wedding Planners is an international network of wedding planners. Belief’s main goal is to uphold the highest standards in wedding planning, by encouraging professionals to develop their careers. As just the best wedding planners are approved to be part of the group, Belief is also a reliable source for brides and grooms who are planning destination weddings all over the world.

Stay tuned as I feature weddings from the following winners: 
Judy Amado Mendez - Panama
Sarah Day - United States
Viktoriia Ignateva - Portugal

Many thanks to Marina at Belief Wedding Planners for reaching out to me and allowing me to share these beautiful images and weddings! 

Guatemala: Jorge Ortiz
United States: The Happy Bloom
Portugal: Vema Photography