The Ultimate Checklist for Setting Up Utilities in Your New Apartment

If you're reading my blog, you're likely a couple about to wed, or thinking about getting married. I tend to cover things like real weddings, styled shoots, marriage advice, etc.

I recently received this great article on the Ultimate Check List for setting up utilities in your new apartment. This is really helpful, as some couples might be getting married straight out of their parents' house, or even college, and will be living with their spouse for the first time as soon as they tie the knot, but might not know all that goes into apartment renting. If this isn't for you, maybe pass it along to someone whom would find this useful. Our thanks to the team at that sent this my way:

When moving into a new apartment, you might be excited about the view of the park, the patio for grilling or the nice living room for entertaining. But before you can enjoy the sweet amenities of your new apartment, you’ll have to take care of the basics like getting the lights turned on and the water running. 

Take note that even if you’ve rented a utilities-included apartment, you may still need to handle some utilities yourself, like Internet or cable.

Here’s our ultimate checklist for setting up the utilities in your new home.