Advice: 5 Tips that Will Help You Find the Right Wedding Dress

Finding the right wedding dress is a bit of a struggle, am I right? I remember it being a chore, really. It was summer time, I was hot, stores weren't very cool, yuck! Then trying these big gowns while hot and sweaty, it was kind of a nightmare for me.....until my beloved dress fell upon me and I was smitten. 

Well we have some tips sent over to us that I wanted to share with you all! Which tip will you take away? Number 5 speaks really loudly to me, to this day. 

A wedding isn’t complete without the right wedding dress. You’ve done well so far by finding the person of your dreams, but how do you find the dress of your dreams? The right dress doesn’t come easy. It will likely involve a lot of appointments, money, and above all, patience. Although you may have no prior experience in picking out such a gown, having a bit of background knowledge will make for a much smoother shopping process. Read on to see how you can find your perfect wedding dress.

1. Do Your Research Ahead of Time

Whether you’ve fancied a traditional Disney princess-esque ball gown since the time you were a little girl, or have had your eyes on a more modern drop waist gown, you should have an idea of what style you’re going for before stepping foot in a bridal salon. After all, there will be hundreds of dresses inside and you can’t possibly try them all on! Bridal advice sites, magazines, and recent celebrity weddings should give you a good understanding as to what’s ‘in’. Although the perfect dress is always the one that suits you most, regardless of the trends.

2. Only Purchase What You Can Afford

Don’t bother trying on a dress completely out of your price point. You may love the look and feel, but if it’s not something you can actually afford, it will make the dress that you can seem less appealing—or worse, it could put you in thousands of dollars in debt! While it’s always suggested to purchase a dress within your budget, you may be among the many with a long engagement. If that’s the case and you’d like to grow your wedding budget, consider turning to mobile banking services that can help you save money effortlessly, like this one. A larger budget will give you more options, after all!

3. Shop at Inexpensive Bridal Salons First

You’ll likely be visiting a number of bridal salons, so shop with a little strategy in mind. Visit inexpensive bridal salons first; view their offerings and try on anything that catches your eye. Make your way to more affluent bridal salons as you go, and stop right before visiting the bank-breaker. It’s very likely you’ll end up finding the perfect dress before then!

4. Listen to Your Bridal Consultant

It’s perfectly normal to come to your bridal salon appointment with a good idea of what you wanted, only to try it on and find it falls short of your expectations. But don’t worry, it’s a bridal consultant’s job to make sure you find the right dress—and they’ve helped many women do just that before you! Don’t be afraid to listen to their advice, as their recommendations are rooted in their professional experience, your figure, and the preferences you’ve made known to them. They’re also a great resource for modern wedding dress trends!

5. Know Your Body Type

Much of what will end up looking right for you is based on your body type. In general, you’ll want a dress that brings out your best features while not making the others more noticable. This will be different for everyone, so read online about which silhouettes look best on different body types. Most of us don’t end up being confined to just one body type as well, which is why it’s important to try on all sorts of dresses. You never know what will end up looking best!