Savvy Tip: Decor Steals

Have you heard of Decor Steals my fellow brides? No? OMG, get ready for your new obsession! If you have...aren't you totally obsessed? My friend shared with me where she found some cute decor pieces in her home, and signed up to get their emails to see what decor steal I could land!

I am sharing this with you lovelies in case you are keeping your eyes out for decor pieces for your wedding, or your newlywed haven! A lot of the items are farmhouse chic, but there are some super cute things that I feel like would be perfect for these rustic paddle shaped chalkboards, pictured below, or these vintage reproduction tobacco baskets!

rustic paddle shaped chalkboards

What's better is you keep the items you acquire from your wedding to be home decor items in your home you are now sharing with your spouse! I have those paddle chalkboards, just arrived and I'm figuring out what to do with them, but they look fun in my kitchen waiting to be decorated! I also have the vintage galvanized two tiered stand, I have it in my hot beverage nook, pictured below. It makes the perfect place to set up holiday themed scenes with my hot beverage offerings. I also have that cookhouse towel rack from them, it works with my nook to hang tea towels, and display fun signs. 

rae dunn mug, love mug, decor steals two tiered galvanized tray, clockhouse towel rack, valentine's day gnome

I check my email daily for their items...I can't wait to learn my what my next obsession is from them! 

Want to know my other obsessions? Gnomes and RAE DUNN mugs! Ahh! Those are tricky to find anywhere... :)

I am an affiliate of Decor Steals. The opinions in this article are my own, I'm so obsessed with their decor items! I wasn't paid to purchase these items, I became an affiliate after having fallen in love with my pieces! If you click the links to purchase these items, I will receive a small monetary amount to keep this blog up and running.