The Rose Gold Collection | Seating Chart, Table Numbers & Menus

I've been putting in extra time at my Etsy shop Savvy Deets Designs as of late. As many may  or may not know, I'm a graphic designer and have been operating my Etsy store Savvy Deets Designs since 2013-the year my daughter turned 1! For her first birthday, I designed her birthday "chalkboard" poster, printed onto vinyl, that I displayed as decor for her party. Everyone raved about it and suggested I should open an Etsy shop and sell these. I didn't think I'd sell any, but then I did! And then boom, customers came a calling with unique requests, and it just kept rolling! Eventually wedding customers came chiming in and I began doing all sorts of wedding related things, since I love all things this blog might suggest!

My number one seller in my shop are my "Love Story Signs", in chalkboard background, or solid color. Then I began doing cocktail menus, programs, photo backdrops, save the date, I do bbq, bridal shower and wedding invitations, etc. It's been fun! Obviously I cater to all life's events, buy I love the weddings the most. I relate to the couples or those trying to do special things for their friends weddings, and I've worked with many wedding planners! (Hey wedding planners, book me!)

Recently I rolled out some new styles to show I do more than just "chalkboard" signs. White background with rose gold text seems to suit many brides as of late....and I LOVE it! Rose Gold is gorgeous! And the font used here is Cantoni font, if anyone is curious-it's my favorite for weddings!

I can do most any color combo, I just wanted to share how pretty these rose gold examples look! Once I start getting requests for more I'll feature different color combos in my shop! And, friends, my reviews are great!

Check out what I have on offer and let me know how I can help you! Also use coupon code SDB2019 to save 20% off  at Savvy Deets Designs! Share this with your wedding people, too! Thank you for your support!! xoxo