Creative Ideas for Your Wedding Guest Book

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Once upon a time, stuffy guest books would sit on a shelf and gather dust. People are looking for more engaging and personal ways to record the love and well wishes of their guests these days. If you want your guest book to be something you’ll remember for a long time, here are some creative and one-of-a-kind ideas:

A Picture Guest Book

Here’s some tips to make it creatively:

Polaroid Fun

Set up a backdrop and a Polaroid camera so that people can take funny or touching pictures. They can add a note to the back of the picture and put it in the scrapbook you give them.

Glam it Up Right Away

Rent a quick photo printer and let your guests take pictures all night long. Before printing, they can add a message and either put the paper in a journal or put it up on a certain board.

A Guest Book Mural

Another work of art that you and your guests will surely love. Here’s how to make it creatively:

Sign it Big

Get a big board and have people write their names and well wishes on it. You can hang this as a beautiful piece of art in your home.

Sign a Jenga Tower

Get a big Jenga set and have people write on the pieces before putting them together. It’s fun to talk about this one-of-a-kind journal whenever you play the game.

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