DIY Wedding Centerpieces Ideas: Your Creative Guide

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There’s a visual feast at your wedding reception, and the centerpieces are the star of the show. However, the cost may quickly rise with so many amazing options. Don’t be afraid, clever couples! Creating your own centerpieces allows you to customize the look of a table, while saving some green. Here’s a guide to showstopping centerpieces reflecting your unique style.

Embrace the Seasons

Depending on the time of the year, you can decorate a table centerpiece that may add love to your wedding ambience.

Spring or Summer

Breathe in the freshness of mason jars filled with flowers and zinnias. With fairy lights hanging around the base, add a little whimsy.


Go dramatic with deep, jewel-toned blooms like dahlias or calla lilies in simple vases. A warm autumn touch is provided by pinecones, cinnamon sticks, and miniature pumpkins. Frosted branches, silvery ornaments and candles can add a touch of sparkle to the winter decorations.

Think Outside the Vase

More than just flowers, you can play with different element to decorate the tables at your wedding reception.

Vintage Flair

Upcycle vintage suitcases or teacups as unique vessels for your florals. A charming literary focal point is a stack of books with cascading flowers and fairy lights.

Rustic Elegance

Fill wooden crates or galvanized buckets with colorful blooms and greenery. Lanterns with flickering candles add a warm, inviting glow.

Personalize It!

Nothing beats a design incorporated with a personal touch from couples.

Memories in Bloom

Share elements of your love story. Photos of you as a couple nestled among the flowers, or small framed quotes that hold special meaning, add a sentimental touch.

Themed Centerpieces

Are you having a travel-themed wedding? You can use terrariums or miniature suitcases filled with moss and succulents.

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