Roofing Problems – What Newlyweds Experience as First Time Homeowners

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When the honeymoon phase is over and you’ve settled in a house that starts showing problems you didn’t know about will start revealing themselves. The most common are roof leaks, which new homeowners think can be as simple as patching up a cracked area.

Most new husbands will be encouraged to DIY since leaks are often time caused by damages sustained by time-worn or weather-beaten and/or missing shingles
However, there are cases when it’s best to call a roofing professional to save time and money. Fixing the roof of an older house, especially if you purchased the house on a bargain price, can even include fixing the sidings, the vent pipes and gutters.

How Professional Roofers Handle Roofing Problems

As a starting point, professional roofers look for missing, curled or damaged shingles. At points where surfaces meet, usually around the chimney or vent, an expert roofer can find breaks in the caulking or metal flashing; or sometimes discover gaps in cement lines.

If the trained eye of the roofer do not see these signs as the cause of roof leaks, it’s only then that an expert roofer will consider the possibility of deteriorating shingles, which calls for a replacement. At this point, the professional roofer must keep his inspection and assessment of the roof transparent. Ideally, a video shows the not just damaged but deteriorating condition to justify recommendation for replacement.

Don’t Engage Just Any Roofer – Do Some Checking

As  newlywed homeowners, knowing how to DIY is important but if you’re dealing with an actively leaking roof, don’t wait until it becomes an emergency situation. More often than not, you’ll take on the offer of any roofing contractor who shows up in your doorstep right after a storm.

Don’t give in to the pressure of an emergency situation but instead conduct credential checking and read reviews of past works. A frisco roofing repair company that caught our attention operates in the Dallas Fort Worth area, whose commitment is to carry out repair or replacement services with utmost transparency.

Take note that in the review section of the roofing website, one of the customers who took on it’s free inspection offer, was able to save $20,000. It was the amount another roofer had put forward as total cost of roof replacement.

However, the professionals at the roofing company made their own assessment and even provided a video to show that the roof does not have any problem whatsoever.