{Monday Motivation} Ode to the Father of the Bride


This is truly a sweet find to share for this week's Monday Motivation.  If I had seen this in time for my wedding, I would have given this to my father for sure!  More than the "Father of the Bride" cuff, I am swooning over "I loved her first".  Aww, I might have a tear in my eye, it's so sweet!

It makes me think on my Father, who is very much alive, by the way, in case this comes off as otherwise.  Our fathers do love us {brides} first, and it's a testament how giving the bride away is more than just "handing over" a daughter to marry her groom.  

My dad didn't know I would be a girl when I was born, the technology didn't exist just yet.  The pride he experienced when he introduced me to those in the hospital waiting room was precious, so I'm told.  He was gushing, grinning ear to ear, and in love with his first born child, who happened to be a girl, when a boy was expected, given the 5 generations of boys from his side of the family.  Oh how my mom loved to prove him wrong, and still does!

He was in fact the first man to love me unconditionally.  31 1/2 years later he gave me away to my groom, the love of my life.  All the while his response to the priest asking "who gives this bride away", he answered "I do",  I'm sure he was thinking "I did love her first, you know"!

Would you get this for your Father to wear on his tux while he gives you away?  I so would have, and he already knows he was the first man I ever loved.  Love you, dad! 


  1. Where did you find these i would LOVE to buy them for my dad!

  2. If you click the link under the image, it'll take you to the Etsy site where these cute cuffs are sold. Hope that helps! :)

  3. I want to get these for my husband...for when our daughter eventually gets married, a long long time from now. LOL. (She's 17.) Too sweet. :-)


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