Weddings in Copper Mountain – What Makes Them Fabulous

colorado rocky mountainsWhen on your way to attend a wedding in Copper Mountain, Colorado, taking a shuttle from Denver Airport to Copper Mountain is the most practical way to reach the site.
Actually, many of the couples who wanted a Rocky Mountains wedding chose Copper Mountain because the place offers a variety of options. Known as a bustling winter ski destination that offers newbie skiing enthusiasts with instructors and terrains ideal for training, Copper Mountain has year-round resorts offering outdoor recreations and activities that usually extend up to spring.

chairliftsThere are golf courses and trails for mountain hiking, biking and more, such as snow tubes, ice skating rinks and snowmobiling, albeit depending on the time of year.

Couples who plan to tie the knot in a Copper Mountain resort have the assurance that there are professional wedding planners who will assist them in arranging a beautiful ceremony and memorable reception.

What Makes a Copper Mountain Wedding Appealing?

An outdoor wedding ceremony in a Copper Mountain site takes place in a grandiose base area adorned by views of the famous Ten Mile Range and expansive Copper Mountain golf course. The once-in-a-lifetime wedding photos will be taken against a backdrop of naturally enhanced mountain top venue.

A popular choice of site in which to hold the wedding ceremony is the on-mountain spot in West Village. Located outside of Copper Mountain, the groom and bride as well as their guests can take chairlift rides to get to the site. If in case the chairlift option is not favorable, a shuttle will be provided to bring the marrying couple and their guests to the on-mountain wedding venue.

The Ease of Getting Married in Colorado

Aside from the fabulousness of Colorado’s winter resort destinations, another reason why romantically involved couples chose to get married in Colorado is the ease by which marriages can be arranged legally and officially. As a matter of fact, marrying couples can solemnize their own marriage to make the wedding event more personal and heartfelt.

Getting married in Colorado is just a straightforward process of registering the marriage by presenting valid legal identification documents (IDs) to the concerned County Clerk. The latter, will in turn have the couple fill up and sign the documents to register the marriage. Once registered, the marriage becomes official even without the presence of witnesses and officiants who usually solemnize wedding ceremonies.

To support the legality of the marriage, Colorado’s Revised State Laws require the marrying couples to attest or make a statement that they meet the following conditions required by the state government:

1. The marriage is being entered into by persons who are at least 18 years old or if below 18, are getting married with parental consent.

2. Both individuals consent to the marriage.
Both are mentally stable and able to make individual decisions.

3. Not incapacitated by or acting under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

4. Neither of the individuals who are about to get married are doing so, not because he or she is being forced, dared or under threat.

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Walk Down the Aisle in Comfort: Stylish Wedding Shoes That Won’t Leave You Sore

Your wedding day should be filled with joy and celebration, not agonizing foot pain. While those sky-high stilettos might look gorgeous, they’re not exactly practical for dancing the night away. Fortunately, there are plenty of stylish and comfortable wedding shoe options available that will let you enjoy every moment of your special day.

Choosing Comfort: Style Meets Substance

Forget the myth that comfortable shoes can’t be glamorous. Today’s wedding shoe market offers a variety of styles to suit every taste, from elegant flats and kitten heels to chic wedges and stylish sandals.

Comfort for All: Diverse Options for Every Bride

Whether you’re a classic bride or a fashion-forward trendsetter, there’s a perfect pair of comfortable wedding shoes out there for you. Here are some popular styles to consider:


Perfect for a relaxed and elegant look, flats come in various styles like pointed toe, ballerina, or embellished with lace or pearls.

Kitten Heels

Offering a slight lift without sacrificing comfort, kitten heels are an excellent choice for brides who want a touch of sophistication.


A stylish and versatile option, wedges provide stability and support while still adding height.


Ideal for a summer wedding, sandals can be dressed up with embellishments or kept simple and chic.


For the bride who wants to break the mold, sneakers offer a playful and comfortable option. Choose a pair with a touch of sparkle or embroidery to add a touch of bridal elegance.


Your wedding day is all about celebrating your love and creating lasting memories. Don’t let uncomfortable shoes detract from your enjoyment. With so many stylish and comfortable options available, you can easily find the perfect pair to walk down the aisle and dance the night away without a single ache or pain.

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