{Trash The Dress} Christine & Jason's Sizzling Sunrise Anniversary Shoot

Happy Friday! I cannot believe we are in Mid-September already! More shocking is that I am still pregnant!  This pregnancy seems to go on and on, with no end in sight.  I'm past my due date, and little girl has shown no signs of her impending arrival.  Come Monday, I might be singing a different tune, however, and we are so excited and beyond ready to meet her!

Before I sign off for a few days to bring a new baby into the world, we have a fabulous little shoot to share with you all to kick start your weekend off on the right note.  Shaun King Photography submitted to us a first for the blog, an anniversary shoot a la style of "trash the dress"!  Shaun had this to say about the happy couple:
Christine decided to trash her wedding dress on her five year anniversary with Jason. She picked Myrtle Beach where he proposed to her. She also found out she was pregnant only weeks before her five year anniversary. Her trash the dress photographs represent a transition in her life - the stability and reliability that comes with five successful years of marriage, and the instability and excitement that will be ushered in by her baby boy. In order to get some of these golden images, we needed to arrive on the beach during the earliest part of the morning, as Christine and Jason began to snuggle into a hug and kiss as waves crashed on them, a crowd of onlookers slowed to watch and take their own spontaneous photographs.

So sweet!  Fantastic that Christine can still fit into her wedding gown 5 years later, all the while expecting their first baby! 

I won't delay this shoot any longer, it's pretty hot and sizzling! I present to you Christine & Jason's Anniversary Shoot, captured by  Shaun King Photography:

Such a passionate shoot! The shots of the golden orange sunrise enveloping the couple are gorgeous.

Many congrats to Christine & Jason on 5 years of wedded bliss, and your upcoming bundle of joy!

Thanks to Shaun King Photography for sharing your stunning work with us!

Photographer: Shaun King Photography, Raleigh, North Carolina


  1. lovely pictures!I love your dress!

  2. Can you list some great anniversary gift ideas? My husband and I are going to celebrate our anniversary next month and I want to give him the best gift that I can give.


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